On Loxahatchee
Where Hillsboro ends

It is such a pleasure going to S&B when starting a project in my yard. I no longer have to fight, parking, waiting in line, bad (half dead) or limited nursery products from BIG box stores. S & B makes it so easy and I'm in and out fast.

Jack Ryana Home Owner

Truly a great find.
I don't even need to call ahead, I pull in with the truck, they load me, make my payment and I'm heading down the road in minutes. They really know how to keep contractors moving.

Wayne Wilde MPT Landscaping

We have a few large commercial accounts and when I need to buy in large bulk sometimes I need delivery. Their deliveries are always on time so my guys don't see any down-time. This saves me a ton of labor money.

Ricky Lauton Commercial Landscape