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Located in beautiful Parkland Florida7100 Loxahatchee Road Parkland, Florida 33067 Directions:  From HWY 441/St Rd 7, Go west on either Loxahatchee Rd or Hillsboro.

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Contractors Are Our Specialty

and home owners are always welcome.

We are an easy delivery supplier. Whether you need a single tree or truck loads of mulch, rocks or sod. What ever your delivery needs are we can make it happen. Call us or stop in to the yard, we would love to help you.

Stone & Rocks

There's nothing lower maintenance than stone or rocks and nothing that adds a better natural contrast.


Fresh sod usually comes in daily. We keep the price low to keep it moving. Large commercial rolls are now available.

Plants & Shrubs

If you can't find it here then it's not in Florida. The widest selection of both annuals, perennials. and schrubs. Give your green thumb a workout.


Tropical trees, palm trees and shade trees, you will find a very nice selection what ever your need may be.


Mulch, mulch and more mulch. From the deepest red to the natural oak. Bring your bushel basket, truck or we can deliver it for you.

Cap Rock

Cap rock, perfect for that natural walkway, retaining wall or water feature. Set them in concrete, sand or just stack them. The perfect classical look.

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Landscape supply like NO other

Catering to CONTRACTORS and wholesale supply. Family owned since 2002, Uncle Sal and his son Robert have been working on everything your yard could ever need.Now the largest supplier of for So FL landscape contractors and best selection for decorative stone and cap rock. Now with convenient hours to serve you to the best of our ability.

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Our Customer Contractors Make Us Look Good
Perilla Gages Shadow

It is such a pleasure going to S &B when starting a project in my yard. I no longer have to fight, parking, waiting in line, bad (half dead) or limited nursery products from BIG box stores. S & B makes it so easy and I'm in and out fast.

Jack Ryana Home Owner

Truly a great find.
I don't even need to call ahead, I pull in with the truck, they load me, make my payment and I'm heading down the road in minutes. They really know how to keep contractors moving.

Wayne Wilde MPT Landscaping

We have a few large commercial accounts and when I need to buy in large bulk sometimes I need delivery. Their deliveries are always on time so my guys don't see any down-time. This saves me a ton of labor money.

Ricky Lauton Commercial Landscape